Bed Bugs 2024 Bed Bugs 2024
Bed Bugs 2024 Bed Bugs 2024

Eliminate Bed Bugs 2024: 6 Pest Advice by Consumer Council



Bed Bugs 2024 |Facing the nuisance of bed bugs, especially in Hong Kong’s humid summer that welcomes these pesky invaders, can be quite the challenge. Not to mention, South Korea has recently seen a surge in bed bug infestations. If you find yourself itching during your sleep, it may well be bed bugs. While a few bites can be managed at home, a full-blown infestation calls for professional exterminators. Don’t worry, though; consumer organisations have shared several effective strategies to tackle these critters. Plus, we’ve got you covered with a rundown of pest control service fees. So take heart and take action—ensure peaceful, bite-free nights ahead!

Bed Bugs 2024 |Symptoms of Bed Bugs

If there are bed bugs hiding nearby, you will generally find eggshells, shed skins of adult bugs, and dark red or rust-coloured excrement stains. If you smell a foul odour, it indicates a severe infestation of bed bugs.

Bed Bugs 2024 Bed Bugs 2023 eliminate bed 床蝨 睡覺時經常感到痕癢,其實有可能是床蝨作怪
Feeling itchy often when sleeping may actually be caused by bed bugs.(Image source: Unsplash@themorganlane)

Bed Bugs 2024 |Bed Bugs Removal Methods

Discover effective bed bug removal methods and keep your home pest-free with these effective solutions:

  1. Optimised Vacuum Treatment:

    Prepare your vacuum cleaner by adding insecticide directly to the collection bag. Carefully vacuum every possible hideout, from the seams of wallpaper to the depths of your wardrobe, to ensure you capture even the most elusive bed bugs.

  2. Precision Steam Spraying:

    Utilize a steam machine that can emit approximately 80°C steam, meticulously treating surfaces and hiding spots in mattresses, sofa cushions, and draperies. To prevent any future comebacks, treat these areas with residual insecticides after steaming.

  3. Thorough Cleaning of Textiles:

    Quarantine any bed bug-infested materials by sealing them in durable plastic bags. Wash these items with water heated above 80°C and dry them at a high temperature. Keep them isolated in the bags until you’ve confirmed the elimination of all bed bugs.

Bed Bugs 2024 Bed Bugs 2023 eliminate bed 床蝨
(Image source: Unsplash@norevisions)
  1. Comprehensive Heat Treatment:

    For a more aggressive approach, heat treatment can be employed in areas that can be fully sealed. Circulate dry, hot air within the infested area, maintaining a temperature of 45 to 60°C for a minimum of one hour to exterminate the bed bugs.

  2. Chemical Eradication Tactics:

    Apply a strategic layer of residual insecticides to all potential bed bug sanctuaries, including but not limited to walls, baseboards, and furniture crevices. For a non-toxic alternative, diatomaceous earth can be spread across affected areas to naturally kill bed bugs.

  3. Proactive Environmental Control:

    Prevent bed bug infestations by conducting regular inspections of your living spaces, washing bedding and clothing frequently, and maintaining a dry environment. Avoid second-hand furniture and seal any cracks where bed bugs might breed. Additionally, after traveling, especially outside Hong Kong, thoroughly inspect your luggage to ensure that bed bugs are not inadvertently introduced into your home.

Bed Bugs 2024 Bed Bugs 2023 eliminate bed 床蝨
(Image source: Weekend Weekly)

Bed Bugs 2024 |Precautions for lice extermination:

Before the pest control service:

  • Organise furniture and miscellaneous items.
  • Store food and utensils properly to avoid contact with insecticides.
  • Everyone should leave the extermination area and only return home after it has been cleaned up.
  • Plants and pets should also be removed.
Bed Bugs 2024 Bed Bugs 2023 eliminate bed 床蝨
(Image source: Unsplash@rarchitecture_melbourne)

Bed Bug Control Service Charges in Hong Kong

Spraying liquid, powder, mist/vapor treatment

Charges per session: $1,000-$5,500 (Some companies offer free follow-up within a specified period after pest extermination, up to 1-3 times/unlimited)

Designated contract period (1 month to 6 months): $1,800-$12,000 (Some companies offer free follow-up during the contract period. Please note the number of services provided during the contract period.)

Consecutive 3-day bed bug eradication project (individual companies): Units with an area of 700 square feet – $10,000-$15,000 (Inspection and follow-up available within one year)

Stink bug laundry detergent, stink bug machine and steam machine treatment

Charges per session: Starting from $5,000 (No free follow-up included)

Two-month contract service: Starting from $18,000 (Includes 3 services with free follow-up twice during the contract period)

What are the signs that I might have a bed bug infestation in my home?

Indicators of a bed bug infestation include finding shells, shed skins, dark red or coloured spots, and detecting a foul odour, which suggests a severe problem….Eliminate Bed Bugs 2023

Are there effective strategies to eliminate bed bugs?

Yes, consumer organizations have shared several effective methods to deal with bed bugs, which can help in tackling these pests effectively.Eliminate Bed Bugs 2023

Image source:Unsplash@themorganlane、Unsplash@norevisions, Unsplash@rarchitecture_melbourne