AIRSIDE Restaurant Overview AIRSIDE Restaurant Overview
AIRSIDE Restaurant Overview AIRSIDE Restaurant Overview

Kai Tak AIRSIDE Restaurant Overview: 40 Restaurants Await!

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AIRSIDE Restaurant Overview! The Nan Fung Group announced that the AIRSIDE shopping mall, located in the core area of Kai Tak and covering an area of 700,000 square feet, officially began its first phase trial operation on September 28, 2023.

Kai Tak AIRSIDE Restaurant Overview|Food court with 40 dining establishments spanning over 10,000 square feet

The AIRSIDE mall has a total of up to 40 dining establishments, offering a wide variety of cuisines – whether it’s Asian delicacies, international dishes, specialty bakeries, outdoor tea houses, trendy cafes and teahouses for light meals, popular cross-river dragon cuisine or local ginger food stores, everything is available.

  • Address: 2 Cochrane Road, Kai Tak, Kowloon

Must-try at AIRSIDE restaurant: Japan’s famous matcha shop, “nana’s green tea

Popular matcha shop nana’s green tea from Japan will open its first branch in Hong Kong at the AIRSIDE mall, allowing customers to taste a variety of tea-based drinks and exquisite desserts made with high-quality matcha powder without having to go to Japan. ALOT Living, an imported solid wood furniture store located in the AIRSIDE mall, will integrate dining concepts for the first time by collaborating with Relish to launch Relish Kitchen by ALOT. Using the brand’s imported furniture products, they will create a Japanese-style leisure space with a strong sense of quality for customers and offer a variety of creative Japanese-Western fusion dishes, creating a whole new experience. AIRSIDE Cafe is the latest creation under Cafe Deco Group’s concept of modern cooking. Spanning over 1,600 square feet, it takes design inspiration from transparent glass houses, allowing natural sunlight to illuminate every corner of the restaurant and providing everyone with a comfortable and relaxed dining environment.

Must-try at AIRSIDE restaurant: Busan BBQ Restaurant “Dong Baek

There is a new Korean restaurant called 유명진의 육미정담 Dong Baek in the mall, specializing in Korean barbecue and traditional Korean cuisine. Dong Baek focuses on the freshness of ingredients and product quality, dedicated to sourcing high-quality ingredients from various places. All ingredients are carefully selected and combined with the chef’s exquisite knife skills to not only present aesthetics but also make it easier for customers to handle and control when grilling. Dong Baek also emphasizes the delicate presentation of each dish, bringing customers a unique visual and taste enjoyment!

Must-try at AIRSIDE restaurant: Standing Sushi Bar 魚がし日本一

魚がし日本一,” a Japanese standing sushi expert, made its first appearance in Hong Kong. In Japan, it sources ingredients directly from the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo and combines the traditional concept of standing sushi with popular culture. Since its establishment, it has opened a total of 29 branches locally. The Hong Kong branch covers an area of nearly 700 square feet and adheres to the brand’s philosophy. It features an open-style sushi counter design with natural wood tones to create a comfortable and harmonious dining atmosphere. It can accommodate up to 15 diners at once, allowing everyone to enjoy a relaxed and authentic standing sushi experience.

AIRSIDE Restaurant: Over 10,000 square feet of Foodmuse food court.

The popular restaurants include Western steakhouse Chef’s Cuts, Korean barbecue restaurant Dong Baek in Busan – specializing in Korean barbecue and traditional Korean cuisine, Japanese curry omelette rice specialty store Kometaki, signature roast duck specialty store Ah Bu Duck, modern Chinese restaurant Luna嵐月, the collection of Paradise Dynasty which specializes in classic cuisine from northern and southern China, and boutique coffee shop Ideaology. The Foodmuse food court spans over 10,000 square feet and gathers eleven dining brands to provide a multicultural dining experience.

Restaurant List:

Asian Cuisine
Chatterbox Café
Goobne Chicken
Nam Nam Vietnamese Cuisine
Ah Bu Duck
Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao
Paradise Dynasty
Uogashi Nihonichi魚がし日本一
Dong Baek
Master’s Cauldron
Pickabowl (Opening soon.)
Coucou Reserve (Opening soon.)
Asura (Opening soon.)
Taier Chinese SauerKraut Fish 太二酸菜魚 (Opening soon.)
Chef’s Cuts
Bellavista (Opening soon.)
Terrace in Seaside (Opening soon.)
Captain George’s Fish & Chips (Opening soon.)
Tree House Thai Kitchen (Opening soon.)
Sweets & Bakery Cuisine
AIRSIDE Pâtisserie
Artemis By Déesses
La Création Premium
nana’s green tea
Shaz Confections
Smile™ Froyo . Cake . Gift
Kee Wah Bakery
Milksha (Opening soon.)
Grind & Brew
le jus – Natural Smoothies
Relish Kitchen by ALOT
Starbucks Reserve
Amour De Fruit
Gong Fu Teahouse
Sake Moment
Tea Château (Opening soon.)
Lam Heung Ling Lemon Tea (Opening soon.)
Foodmuse Food Court
Sushi Ten
Taiwan Bento
Pepper Lunch
Hachiban Ramen
Gin Curry
Today Hangang
De Viet PHO Express
Shan Cheng Noodle
The Master of Char Siu
Pretty Fenghuang俏鳳凰

AIRSIDE (Opens on 28 Sept)
Address:2 Coordinated Road, Kai Tak, Kowloon

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