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Central Market Food Guide: Restaurants and Street Snacks

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Central Market| Central Market have been just revitalised recent years , and it is now open to the public with a brand new look! The market occupies 3 floors with a total area of 120,000 square feet, housing over 100 retail shops and eateries. This time, reporters will take you on a tour of Central Street Market to see what choices are available!

The Revitalised Central Market with 100+ Merchants

After the Central Market announced its revitalisation and reconstruction in 2009, it finally officially opened in August 2021! The newly renovated Central Market covers an area of ​​120,000 square feet. After revitalisation, it has preserved representative stairs and added Hong Kong-style nostalgic elements. It invites different local food or retail businesses to set up shop, with a total of over 100 stalls! For example, Hong Kong-style noodle stalls, milk tea, egg puffs, etc., are combined with new elements such as Chinese-Western fusion cold tea cocktails and molten lava cakes. The three-story Central Market consists of a food court on the ground floor with a small number of dine-in restaurants. The second floor is a snack street mainly serving fast food, street snacks, and desserts. This time the reporter will take you through these two levels of delicious food. Let’s take a look now!

Central Market 中環街市活化重建,於8月23日開幕。
Central Market (Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor)
Central Market 中環街市 街市分為3層,美食集中在底層及第二層。
The market is divided into 3 floors, with the concentration of food on the ground floor and the second floor. (Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor)

List of Restaurants and Shops in Central Market

1) Staple Food

WAKO SAKE SUSHI & TAP: Omakase with 16 pieces of sushi (Location: G12)

This Japanese sushi restaurant, which has seating, not only offers à la carte sushi but also an Omakase Set prepared by the chef. It includes sashimi, sushi rice bowl steamed dish, dessert, soup, and more. It is very abundant.

Central Market 中環街市 Omakase Set《花》img class=
Omakase Set《Flower》$1,000
116 dishes, including sashimi, sushi, chawanmushi, desserts, and soup.(Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor)
Central Market 中環街市 刺身新鮮手切,材料日本直送。
Sashimi is made to order and the ingredients are directly imported from Japan. (Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor)
Central Market 中環街市 海膽壽司鮮甜肥美。
Fresh and delicious sea urchin sushi. (Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor)
Central Market 中環街市 現場可以欣賞到廚師們手握壽司
There are many bar seats on site, where you can enjoy sushi while watching the master’s skillful hands. (Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor)

WAKO SAKE IZAKAYA: Japanese Izakaya Skewers + Wagyu Donburi (Location: G10)

Next to Omakase is WAKO SAKE IZAKAYA, a Japanese izakaya under the same brand. It mainly sells Japanese skewers, rice bowls, etc. Among them, the top-grade A4 wagyu volcano donburi is piled up like a mountain of wagyu and mixed with egg custard for an excellent taste!

Central Market 中環街市 WAKO居酒屋有多款串燒丼物選擇。
WAKO SAKE IZAKAYA (Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor)
Central Market 中環街市 雞腿肉串燒每件都是單點,即燒即呈上,咬落肉質鮮嫩,油香感溢出。
Chicken leg meat $38
Each skewer is ordered and grilled on the spot. The chicken leg meat is tender and juicy, with a crispy outer layer.(Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor)
Central Market 中環街市 極上A4和牛火山丼8巨量和牛堆成山,加上濃濃的蛋漿,沾著牛肉食好惹味。
Premium A4 Wagyu Volcano Donburi $248
A mountain of abundant wagyu beef, with a chicken egg pierced before eating to release the runny yolk, making the beef even more smooth and slippery when eaten with it. (Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor)

Chef’s Cut: Specializing in 24-day aged Black Angus steak (Location: Shops G01-G03)

Chef’s Cut is located inside the boutique supermarket Chef’s Market, with bar tables as the main seating option. The surrounding area is filled with European groceries, giving diners a feeling of dining in a European market. The atmosphere is completely different from typical steakhouses and restaurants, creating a relaxed and comfortable environment. The restaurant offers a range of appetizers, main courses, pasta dishes, and desserts that can be enjoyed and shared with friends.

Central Market 中環街市 中環、中環食乜好、飲食情報 摩登超市陳設與雅緻餐廳裝潢融合為一,塑造出熱鬧豐富而又空間感十足的氛圍,食客置身其中感覺特別Chill。
Chef’s Cut in Central Market is hide in a supermarket(Image source: Chef’s Cut Authorised Pic)
Central Market 中環街市 中環、中環食乜好、飲食情報 $488牛脂熟成黑安格斯肉眼扒配薯條和香草牛油,經24日熟成,不但肉味更香濃,肉質亦更軟滑。
Matured Black Angus ribeye steak with potato fries and vanilla butter, priced at $488. The steak is aged in beef fat for 24 days, resulting in a richer flavour and a tenderer texture.(Image source: Chef’s Cut Authorised Pic)

2) Snacks and Desserts

Asok Thai Cake: Thai Milk Tea + Young Coconut + Pandan Coconut Juice Mini Cakes

Asok Thai Cake is the latest sub-brand developed by Asok Thai Garden, specializing in Thai-style shaped cakes. The cakes are freshly made in a Hong Kong factory using their own blend of Thai milk tea recipe to cater to the taste of Hong Kong people. The shop’s interior design exudes a full exotic vacation atmosphere, with one side serving as a dessert counter and the other side having a small number of seats for customers to sit down and enjoy slowly. There are a total of 10 flavors for the shaped cakes, including Tom Yum Goong, Durian, Banana Pancake, Pandan Coconut Juice Cake, Young Coconut, Mango, Thai Milk Tea, Thai Green Milk Tea, Thai Coffee, and Boat Noodles. Each cake is designed and made according to the original food concept so that they resemble mini versions of the actual dishes and are incredibly adorable.

Central Market Asok Thai Cake Asok Thai Cake進駐中環街市,主打多款造型卡哇伊的泰式蛋糕。
Asok Thai Cake Asok Thai Cake located in Central Market. There are lots of Thai-style cakes with cute designs. (Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor)
Central Market 中環街市 Asok Thai Cake 泰式奶茶$68
Thai Style Milk Tea$68 (Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor)

Mommy Pancake: Michelin Street Snacks (Shop: 242B)

Mommy’s e has become a popular establishment for a reason. The shop was recommended by Michelin Street Snacks and is highly favoured by tourists! Their specialty is pancakes and grid cakes, with over 20 flavours available. Each order is made fresh on the spot, resulting in a deliciously crispy texture!

Central Market 中環街市 雞蛋仔以通洞的紙袋盛裝,方便攜帶,也不怕雞蛋仔變軟。
Egg waffles are packed in breathable paper bags, making them convenient to carry and not afraid of becoming soft.(Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor)
Central Market 中環街市 抹茶朱古力雞蛋仔雞蛋仔烤得乾脆,每拎一粒都聽到「擦」的脆感。
Matcha chocolate egg waffle $33
The egg waffle are baked to a dry and crispy texture, with a crunchy exterior and soft interior when bitten into. (Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor)
Central Market 中環街市 每粒雞蛋仔內都有朱古力粒。
Each egg waffle contains chocolate chips. (Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor)
Central Market 中環街市 原味格仔餅格仔餅口味也有數十款。
Hong Kong style Pancake $22 (Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor)

3) Drinks

Caring Tea: Bottled Milk Tea (Shop: 248)

Caring Tea mainly sells bottled milk tea. The owner once learned from the milk tea king, Chen Zi Ping, and insisted on using traditional methods to pull it four times to create Hong Kong-style milk tea. What is most commendable is that the milk tea can be less sweet, sugar-free, and even have options for strong tea base or choice of tea leaves!

Central Market 中環街市 港式茶走;絲襪奶茶茶濃)奶茶底以傳統的奶茶手法沖製,每日拉足4次。
Hong Kong-style milk tea $28; Silk stocking milk tea (strong tea) $28. The milk tea base is brewed using traditional techniques, with 4 batches made daily. (Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor)

Chart coffee: Coffee Barista on Site, Hand-brewed Specialty Coffee (Booth: 218)

There are many Coffee Shops stationed on-site, among them Chart Coffee chose to open in Central Street Market. Multiple baristas are present at the location brewing various types of specialty coffees and lattes.

Central Market 中環街市 當然不少得香港女孩最愛的Coffee Shop。
The favourite Coffee Shop of many Hong Kong Girls。(Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor)
Central Market 中環街市 Latte 這款樹熊拉花好cute!
Latte $40
The koala Latte Art is socute!(Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor)
  • Central Street Market
  • Address: 93 Queen’s Road Central, Central (Show Map)
  • Opening Hours: 10am-10pm

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Image source:Weekend Weekly Editor, Chef's Cut Authorised Pic