Dim Sum Restaurant 2024 Dim Sum Restaurant 2024
Dim Sum Restaurant 2024 Dim Sum Restaurant 2024

12 Best Dim Sum Restaurant 2024 Hong Kong

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Dim Sum Restaurant 2024| Love to Yum Cha? Hong Kong are filled with tasty options! With so many tea houses, choosing might seem tough. But don’t worry, we’ve handpicked 12 of the favorite Dim Sum restaurant in Hong Kong just for you. From classic teahouse to creative spots that reinvent Chinese treats, we’ve got it all. Perfect for gathering with your loved ones, these places promise a feast of flavours. Come see what we’ve found for you!

Dim Sum Restaurant 2024 | 12 Top-Rated Tea Houses/Dim Sum Restaurant Across Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island

Dim Sum Restaurant 2024 | 1. Lung Dim Sum

Hennessy Road

Lung Dim Sum (Dragon Dim Sum) takes a youthful, dynamic approach to the dim sum experience. The decor echoes ancient tea house designs, setting the stage for an array of modern dim sum delights. Their creations are as visually appealing as they are delicious, perfect for social media sharing. Their siu mai variations alone are worth noting, with offerings like lobster sauce squid siu mai, salted egg yolk squid siu mai, and spicy beef siu mai. For those eager to sample a range of flavors, the “Dragon Siu Mai” serves up four distinct tastes in one go.

Lung Dim Sum (Hennessy Road)

  • Address: Shops A&B, G/F, 216-218 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
  • Directions: Exit A4 at MTR Wan Chai Station
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 07:00 – 23:30
  • Phone: 2338 2318

Dim Sum Restaurant 2024 | 2. Mott 32


Mott 32, situated in the heart of Central, exudes elegance and comfort. Guests can observe the chefs at work through the expansive glass windows. The menu at Mott 32 is an homage to haute cuisine, grounded in Cantonese and Sichuan culinary traditions. The applewood-roasted Peking duck comes highly recommended, its crispy, golden skin carrying just the right amount of fat for a luxurious mouthfeel. The duck preparation, which fuses Cantonese and Beijing techniques, is a 48-hour labor of love, so patrons are advised to reserve their indulgence a day in advance.

Mott 32 (Central)

  • Address: Basement of Standard Chartered Bank Building, 4-4A Des Voeux Road Central
  • Directions: 2-minute walk from Exit K, MTR Central Station
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 12:00 – 15:00, 18:00 – 00:00
  • Phone: 2885 8688

Dim Sum Restaurant 2024 | 3. Harbour Restaurant

Wan Chai

Harbour Restaurant, inspired by 1930s Shanghai-style grandeur, features floor-to-ceiling windows that offer breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour. The interior is adorned with decorative pools and styled with a homely comfort theme. Additionally, a private elevator provides direct access from the hotel lobby. Signature dishes at Harbour Restaurant include crystal prawn dumplings with ginger, coconut king mushrooms with conpoy and chicken soup, baked abalone with puff pastry in bouillon, and crispy lobster claw with pepper salt paired with Boston lobster in Wuxi style.

Harbour Restaurant (Wan Chai)

  • Address: Harbour Restaurant (Wan Chai)
  • Directions: Exit B3, MTR Convention Centre Station
  • Opening Hours:
    Monday to Friday (12:00 – 14:30, 18:00 – 00:00)
    Saturday to Sunday/Public Holidays (12:00 – 15:00, 18:00 – 00:00)
  • Phone: 2584 7722

Dim Sum Restaurant 2024 | 4. Madame Fù

Tai Kwun

Located within Tai Kwun in Central, Madame Fù exudes classical elegance with three distinct sections including the Pink Room, Elegant Design, and an outdoor area. The menu is a diverse blend of Chinese and Western dishes, with signature items such as crispy spring onion chicken, Iberico pork char siu, crispy codfish with vinegar and pepper sauce, crystal shrimp dumpling royale, and pan-fried turnip cake. Besides classic Chinese dishes, they also offer Western-style tea snacks. Madame Fù frequently partners with major brands to launch themed afternoon teas.

Madame Fù (Tai Kwun)

  • Address: 3/F, Barrack Block, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central
  • Directions: 4-minute walk from Exit B1, MTR Hong Kong University Station
  • Opening Hours:
    Monday to Thursday and Sunday, 11:00 – 23:00;
    Friday to Saturday, 11:00 – 00:00
  • Phone: 2559 2389

Dim Sum Restaurant 2024 | 5. YUM CHA


YUM CHA in the bustling Central district of Hong Kong delivers a fusion of traditional flavours with a playful modern twist. Dishes like “Watch the Milk Flow” and “A Basket of Piglets” make it a favorite spot not just for eating, but also for snapping photos.

Dim Sum Restaurant 2024 Dim Sum 2023 Dim Sum in Hong Kong 2023 (Image source: FB@YUM CHA HK)
(Image source: FB@YUM CHA HK)

YUM CHA (Central)

  • Address: 1-2/F, Nan Fung Place, 173 Des Voeux Road Central
  • Directions: 2-minute walk from Exit E5, Sheung Wan MTR Station
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:30 – 16:00, 17:30 – 22:00
  • Phone: 37088081

Kowloon District

Dim Sum Restaurant 2024| 6. Dim Sum Here

Temple Street, Jordan

“Dim Sum Here” lives up to its name, serving a selection of dim sum in a compact, clean setting with fast service. It stands out for its creative takes on traditional items, such as the popular “Black Gold Custard Buns” adorned with gold on a black bun, oozing with hot custard. Signature dishes that receive rave reviews include honey-glazed pork buns, almond durian cakes, mango pomelo sago, and steamed rice baskets, among others.

Dim Sum Here (Temple Street, Jordan)

  • Address: Shops 6-8, G/F, 286-298 Temple Street, Jordan
  • Directions: About a 3-minute walk from Exit C2, Jordan MTR Station
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 07:30 – 21:30
  • Phone: 5423 7079

Dim Sum Restaurant 2024| 7. Caterking Dim Sum Workshop

Kwun Tong

Located on King Yip Street in Kwun Tong, Caterking Dim Sum Workshop offers freshly made-to-order dim sum that’s generously sized, about 1.5 to 2 times larger than the average serving. The beef balls with mangosteen and plenty of cilantro are a must-try, offering a chewy texture with a robust flavour. The crystal-clear dumpling skins are thin and reveal the fresh ingredients inside, providing great value for money. For a sampling of various dim sum, try their “Moonlight Treasure Box” available in the evening, which includes XO sauce turnip cakes, salty water dumplings, custard buns, shrimp dumplings, siu mai, rice flour rolls, smacked cucumber, spicy black fungus, and retro jelly presented in an elegant nine-grid platter.

Caterking Dim Sum Workshop (Kwun Tong)

  • Address: Room A, 1/F, King Wan Factory Building, 65-67 King Yip St , Kwun Tong
  • Directions: About a 5-minute walk from Exit B2, Kwun Tong MTR Station
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 08:00 – 21:00
  • Phone: 25625 668/6396 2637 (Takeaway available)

Dim Sum Restaurant 2024 | 8. Hay Wong

Mong Kok

Hay Wong in Mong Kok is renowned for its fresh beef dim sum. Their celebrated steamed beef siu mai king is skillfully prepared with beef from the hind leg, hand-beaten to perfection, and then steamed. It’s a must-try for its genuine flavor and high-quality ingredients.

Hay Wong (Mong Kok)

  • Address: Ground Floor, 17 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok
  • Directions: Roughly a 3-minute walk from Exit E2 at Mong Kok MTR Station
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00 – 23:00; Sunday 09:00 – 23:00
  • Phone: 2882 1683

Dim Sum Restaurant 2024 | 9. FAM

West Kowloon Cultural District

FAM is a modern and stylish dim sum restaurant located in the Art Park at the West Kowloon Cultural District. With expansive windows offering sweeping views of Victoria Harbour, diners can enjoy a blend of handmade Chinese cuisine, art, and music. The restaurant’s innovative dim sum presentations are as delightful as the tastes.

FAM (West Kowloon Cultural District)

  • Address: Shops GF-01-03, Ground Floor, Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District, Tsim Sha Tsui
  • Directions: Exit E4 or E5, walk along Austin Road West to the Western Harbour Crossing bus stop, cross the pedestrian bridge to reach the West Kowloon Cultural District
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00 – 22:00
  • Phone: 28663667

New Territories

Dim Sum Restaurant 2024| 10.Tuen Kee Chinese Restaurant

Tsuen Wan

In Tsuen Wan’s Tai Mo Shan Chuen Lung Village, you’ll find two renowned tea houses, Tuen Kee and Choi Lung. Here, we spotlight Tuen Kee Restaurant, known for its spacious outdoor seating with an open view of Tai Mo Shan. This self-service tea house allows guests to choose their favorite dim sum and even brew their own tea with a full array of tea leaves, hot water, pots, and utensils provided. The food selection mirrors that of a typical tea house, and for those interested, the local specialty of watercress dishes is recommended.

Tuen Kee Chinese Restaurant (Tsuen Wan)

  • Address: Shops 57-58, Ground Floor, Chuen Lung Village, Tai Mo Shan, Tsuen Wan
  • Directions: Take the minibus (starting point: Chiu Wo Street, Tsuen Wan, ride the No. 80 minibus to the Chuen Lung Village terminus, then walk)
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 06:00 – 14:00
  • Phone: 2490 5246

Dim Sum Restaurant 2024 | 11. Old Fung Tea House

Yuen Long

Old Fung Tea House in Yuen Long takes you back in time with its décor reminiscent of the 1960s and 70s, featuring elements from public housing, hardware shops, grocers, red lanterns, and checkered tiles. The food is distinctive and not found just anywhere, with items such as satay large intestine, quail egg siu mai, black pepper ribs, and traditional layered cake. Their Golden Sand Rice Roll Intestine, with fresh shrimp wrapped in a crispy yet chewy rice roll skin, is a popular choice for its rich texture.

Old Fung Tea House (Yuen Long)

  • Address: 66 Tai Tong Road, Shop, Yuen Long
  • Directions: 15-minute walk from Exit B at Yuen Long MTR Station
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 08:00 – 22:00
  • Phone: 2659 8826

Dim Sum Recommendations 2024 | 12. Farm Restaurant

Sha Tin

“Farm,” located in the Hong Kong Science Park, prides itself on serving authentic farm-to-table dishes, with some ingredients delivered directly from farms to ensure freshness and true flavour. Their dim sum often features whimsical shapes, including character-themed treats and lifelike fruit pastries, with many local ingredients like organic purple sweet potato and pumpkin.

Farm (Sha Tin Pak Shek Kok)

  • Address: Shop S041A, Ground Floor, Lakeside 2, Phase Two, Science Park, Sha Tin Whitehead
  • Directions: [Visit HKSTP website for detailed directions]
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:30 – 15:00, 17:30 – 21:00
  • Phone: 2609 1018/6011 6196 (Whatsapp)

What is “Yum Cha” and why is it popular in Hong Kong?

“Yum Cha” refers to the Cantonese tradition of brunch involving Chinese tea and dim sum. It’s a popular social activity in Hong Kong where people enjoy a variety of steamed and fried dishes in a relaxed setting, often on weekend mornings…Click for more

Can you recommend a dim sum restaurant that offers a modern twist on traditional dishes?

Certainly! Among our top picks, there are several creative spots that offer a modern twist on traditional dim sum, blending classic flavors with innovative presentation and ingredients for a contemporary dining experience….Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong

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