AIRSIDE Transportation AIRSIDE Transportation
AIRSIDE Transportation AIRSIDE Transportation

Kai Tak AIRSIDE Transportation | MTR/ Bus/ Parking



AIRSIDE Transportation | Which is the exit of AIRSIDE MTR in Kai Tak New Shopping Mall? AIRSIDE is open on September 28th 2023, becoming a new landmark in Kai Tak! AIRSIDE is conveniently connected to the Kai Tak MTR station. However, besides MTR, what other transportation methods are available to get to AIRSIDE? This article provides details on AIRSIDE transportation, including MTR, buses, minibusses, taxis, and parking facilities for self-driving.

AIRSIDE Transportation| Address

Kai Tak AIRSIDE covers a total area of 1.9 million square feet, with a 47-story high-rise building consisting of 32 floors of Grade A offices and a 700,000 square foot shopping mall. The shopping mall also features a large supermarket, cinema, Cross-Harbour Dragon restaurant, indoor surfing facility, and various leisure entertainment, retail, and dining options, combining commercial and leisure lifestyles in one place.

Kai Tak AIRSIDE Mall Kai Tak AIRSIDE Restaurant
  • AIRSIDE Address:2 Kai Tak Runway Road, Kowloon
  • Opening Hour: 10:00-22:00 Daily

AIRSIDE Transportation| MTR

AIRSIDE is a hub for public transportation interchange, adjacent to Kai Tak MTR Station, and also connected to multiple elevated pedestrian walkways and footbridges.

AIRSIDE Transportation (Image source:
(Image source:


Kai Tak MTR Station, Exit B, about one min walk/ Exit C

Time required to go to AIRSIDE:

Kai Tak Station is one of the stations on the MTR Tuen Ma Line. It is conveniently located and takes about 15 minutes to reach from the following places:

  • From Central to Kai Tak: approximately 15 minutes
  • From Kowloon Tong to Kai Tak: approximately 14 minutes
  • From Admiralty to Kai Tak: approximately 13 minutes

AIRSIDE Transportation| Bus

You can take buses that pass through Mun Ning Street, Yuhong Bay in San Po Kong, Ning Yuan Street, and San Po Kong (Kangqiang Street), then walk for 5 to 10 minutes to reach your destination.

AIRSIDE Transportation| Minibus

You can take a minibus to the Cochrane Street Minibus Terminus and then walk there.

AIRSIDE Transportation| Taxi

Take a taxi to the AIRSIDE entrance on Muyuan Street and get off.

AIRSIDE Transportation | Self-driving

AIRSIDE introduces the first intelligent bike parking system in Hong Kong, providing 48 bike parking spaces. The parking lot offers a total of 850 vehicle spaces, all equipped with electric vehicle charging capabilities. Drivers can enter the parking lot via the access road.

AIRSIDE Transportation (Image source:AIRSIDE)
(Image source:AIRSIDE)

How to go to Kai Tak Airside?

There are several ways to go to Kai Tak AIRSIDE, such as by MTR, bus, minibus…AIRSIDE Transportation

Which MTR station is AIRSIDE shopping mall located?

AIRSIDE located next to Kai Tak MTR station…AIRSIDE Transportation

Image source:AIRSIDE website