2024 Water Activities 2024 Water Activities
2024 Water Activities 2024 Water Activities

2024 Water Activities | 7 Must Try Stand Up Paddle boarding/ Kayaking



2023 Water Activities | Are you too hot to go out on scorching summer days? Why not consider playing water activities! There are several locations in Hong Kong suitable for water activities, such as the emerging stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), canoeing, snorkeling, etc., which allow you to relax and cool off in the water while also strengthening your body. Many organizations offer water activity courses, so even if you don’t know how to swim, you can participate with peace of mind. This time, we have compiled 7 must-play water activities for this summer. Let’s go out to sea with friends!

7 Must-Try Water Activities in Hong Kong | Popular Locations/Courses/Sporting Tips Complete Guide

Water activities: Stand-up Paddle boarding
Water activities: Canoeing
Water activities: Wakesurfing/Wakeboarding
Water activities: Surfing
Water activities: Snorkeling
Water activities: Squid fishing
Water activities: Boat rental

2024 Water activities: Stand-up Paddle boarding

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), also known as “stand-up paddleboarding,” is a water sport where one stands on a board and propels themselves forward using a paddle. SUP has many benefits, including improving balance, strengthening core muscles, enhancing posture, reducing stress, and allowing enthusiasts to appreciate beautiful scenery and nature. It is a highly healthy and enjoyable way of exercising.

Let me introduce you to the top 5 SUP courses in Hong Kong. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you can have an immersive experience with stand-up paddling while learning basic techniques, equipment usage, and safety precautions. This summer, why not gather your friends for an exciting sea adventure?

Top 5 Recommended SUP Courses in Hong Kong
2024 Water Activities 2023 Water Activities 水上活動
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2024 Water activities: Canoeing

Due to Hong Kong’s numerous beautiful islands, many people enjoy reaching them by canoe and embarking on a canoeing adventure. Now, let me introduce you to six popular canoe routes in Hong Kong, along with equipment recommendations, techniques, and clothing tips. This way, even beginners can fully experience the joy of canoeing.

2024 Water Activities 2023 Water Activities 水上活動 香港獨木舟 綠蛋島獨木舟|西貢1小時相思灣至綠蛋島!超好玩獨木舟 海水湛藍得清澈見底
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2024 Water Activities | 3. Wakesurf / Wakeboard

Wakesurfing and wakeboarding have become popular water activities in recent years. The gameplay of wakesurfing is similar to wakeboarding, both involving being pulled by a rope. However, with wakesurfing, once stability is achieved, the rope can be released. By using body movements to control direction, speed, and perform various tricks without the need for the rope. Generally speaking, wakesurfing is more suitable for beginners compared to wakeboarding because it requires slower boat speeds and does not require chasing waves, resulting in less physical exertion.

There are many suitable locations for surfing in Hong Kong. Let me provide you with detailed information about 4 popular surfing spots, prices, equipment, and safety precautions.

2024 Water Activities 2023 Water Activities 水上活動 Wakesurf/Wakeboard新手 Wakeboard Wakesurf
(Image source: 大潭滑水中心)

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2024 Water activities: Surfing

In Hong Kong, although surfing is not as popular as canoeing or wakesurfing, there are several places in Hong Kong that are suitable for surfing! Surfers stand on specially designed surfboards and use the power of the waves to move. It requires various techniques such as riding with the wave, against the wave, and crossing through the wave. Surfing is a very exciting and challenging sport. In addition to surfing in natural water areas such as beaches, there are now indoor surfing facilities and artificial wave pools, allowing more people to experience the joy of surfing.

Top 5 Surfing Spots in Hong Kong Recommended
2024 Water Activities 2023 Water Activities 水上活動 衝浪
(Image source: Hong Kong Tourism Board)

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2024 Water Activities | 5. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a popular summer activity that many people love. Do you need a lot of physical strength for snorkeling? As long as you put on a wetsuit, you will naturally float on the water surface and use a breathing tube to breathe oxygen. Even if you are not familiar with swimming and do not have a diving license, you can still go snorkeling! In fact, Hong Kong has beautiful waters with good water quality and clear visibility. You can see colorful corals and fish! Gotrip introduces 8 amazing snorkeling spots in Hong Kong, as well as the necessary equipment, techniques, and beginner’s guide. This article provides detailed information about snorkeling in Hong Kong. Check it out for more details!

2024 Water Activities 2023 Water Activities 水上活動 浮潛香港 浮潛
(Image source: oceanskydiving)

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2024 Water activities: Squid fishing

Every year from May to September is the peak season for squid fishing (also known as Chok squid) because there are a large number of squids in the local waters. The GOtrip editorial team has selected 6 squid fishing tours for everyone, even those without experience can easily get started! Take this opportunity to invite friends and go out to sea for squid fishing, enjoying the cool sea breeze, while fishing, playing, eating, and savoring all at once!

2024 Water Activities 2023 Water Activities 水上活動 釣墨魚 【7:30pm 開始釣墨魚!】 輝哥教路放魚絲約10呎長,然後每隔數秒剒讀音:chok)1下,釣時加一點力道才可將接近的墨魚鈎緊!採訪小隊聽完講解後,雞手鴨腳放魚絲,每逢看到有墨魚游走,就進入亢奮狀態亂剒起來最後當然沒成功),輝哥只有笑而不語。
(Image source: GOtrip編輯部)

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2024 Water Activities | 7. Boat Rental

In the scorching summer, boat rental is one of the best activities to beat the heat. Hong Kong offers a variety of options, including playing mahjong, karaoke, inflatable slides, and even the popular Wakesurfing for those who want to have a party on the sea. Boat rental prices start as low as $280! Besides cooling off, cruising along the river allows you to enjoy Hong Kong’s beautiful scenery and engage in various water activities. It caters to different people’s needs and ensures everyone has a happy summer. Check out more details now!

2024 Water Activities 2023 Water Activities 水上活動 船P租船 船P
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